Evia, the second largest Island in Greece and the sixth largest in the Mediterranean, is a popular and beloved destination for shorter or longer vacations. It has wonderful beaches, pine forests, especially to the north part, and a pleasant climate. There are, also, famous monuments, many thermal springs and tasty traditional food. Numerous finds in various parts of Evia testify that it has been inhabited since Paleolithic times, thus it has long history and deep culture. Access to Evia is easy, either by boat or by road, since it is connected by two bridges with mainland Greece. Below you can find several activities in Evia, which you could enjoy during your stay.

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To the exotic Lichadonissia, the “Greek Seychelles”, just 30km from Edipsos, you can rent equipment and with the guidance of experienced divers, you can explore the enchanting seabed of North Evia.


Windsurfing is a spectacular sport and offers adrenaline and unique moments to the sea. In Northern Evia, this sport’s fans have the opportunity to tame the waves to places such as Pefki, Kanatadika etc. During the summer months and especially in August, when the winds are strong, these beaches host windsurfers who give a special public spectacle, always with due care.


The adventure begins in the gorges, rivers, waterfalls of Evia which offer unforgettable experience to whom seek an endless action in nature. To the gorge of Nileas, Havos, Vasilikoi, the waterfalls of Drymonas, Papades and wherever the experienced and trained professionals lead you, you will enjoy the route and get to know the beauty of Evia land.


If you are a lover of walking or cycling, then you can discover Edipsos by walking in its picturesque village, known for its beautiful houses with tiled roofs and their flower yards. In addition, within walking distance from Edipsos, you can take various walking routes, such as from the waterfalls of Drymonas to mountain Xyro, the gorge of Nileas or Mountain Telethrio etc.

Horse riding

If you are fans of horse riding, you should not miss the opportunity to ride with a special friend and of course, the trained staff, who will guide you to beautiful routes by the sea, the river or in the forests of the enchanting nature of Evia.



Evia is well known for its wildlife and bird watching shelters. Main points are the Kandili Mountains, the wetlands and the lagoons of Istiaia. The forests of the Kandili host Sitaropouli (Emberiza caesia) and the area of Istiaia is a safe haven for Swans (Cignus olor). It is no coincidence that it has been designated as one of the best areas for the observation of rare birds and wildlife in about 15 shelters and 36 wetlands, according to WWF Hellas, while at the same time it is part of “NATURA2000” and “Special Protection Zone”.

Natural History Museum in Istiaia

The Museum of Natural History in Istiaia is only 18km from Edipsos and exhibits the largest collection in Greece of 217 species of stuffed birds, as well as mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, etc. In addition there is a wide variety of minerals and shells. This museum spreads its history in a building of 630sq.m and it is no coincidence that it holds one of the first places compared to relevant museums in Greece, since it is considered a Scientific Institute. The aim of the museum is to help people learn about the natural and geological history of the place and encourage them in the protection of the environment.

Visit to Wineries

If you are fan of good wine and vine products, then just 15km from Edipsos, you can find a modern winery, which hosts visitors all year round. You get a guided tour and information on the production process, while you can have a wine tasting experience. For those who wish to take some of the fine products back home with them, there is also a store.

Dafnokouki Waterfall

The big waterfall Dafnokouki is only 18km from Edipsos and is a diamond of nature. Rocks, trees and lush vegetation make the waterfall look heavenly. Its crystal clear waters, which sink into a small lake, and the company of the birds give a special note to the riveting music and beauty of Evia’s nature.

Drymonas Waterfalls

Drymonas waterfalls are located 40 km. from Edipsos at an altitude of 620m and are distinguished for their incomparable beauty. The serenity that emerges from the vegetation to the waterfalls is enchanting. The name Drymonas was given either by the word oak (oaks) that overwhelm the area or by the extreme cold that prevails in the area in winter. The river Sepia and the waters of mountain Xiros supply the waterfalls with water, that falls from a height of 15m in an idyllic lake in the forest, which in addition to oaks, also has rare black firs. The visitor has the opportunity to admire the waterfalls and be very close to the magical spectacle of waterfall, where there is a small wooden exhibit with local plants and fossils.

Venetian Tower

The Venetian Tower is located in Rovies, a beautiful seaside village only 24km from Edipsos. Built in the 13th century, it still stands proudly, despite the passage of time. It consists of three floors and today, it is a folklore museum with tools and antiques from that time.

Monastery of Saint David

The Monastery of Saint David is 30km away from Edipsos. It was founded in the 16th century and is located at the foot of Mount Kavalari, at an altitude of 927m. In the area there are catacombs, which today host visitors and in a 20min walking distance, there is the small church of Agios Charalambos, built in a cave. In the Temple of the monastery, there is a relic case in which the fragrant and miraculous bones of Saint David are kept.

Church of Saint John the Russian

Outside Prokopi village, 60km from Edipsos, there is the Church of Agios Ioannis the Russian. Built in 1951, this church honors a humble Christian named John, who gained the right to his faith in Christianity, despite being arrested and enslaved by Muslim Turks. His holy relic case is hosted in the Temple and is well known for his miracles and healings.

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