Aerial drone ultra wide photo of famous seaside village well known for thermal springs of Aidipsos, North Evia island, Greece

Famous Edipsos is located to the northern part of Evia, known since ancient times for its thermal springs and baths. It is perhaps the most known spa town in Greece and a favorite resort of important personalities throughout the centuries, from Roman emperors to politicians of modern times, artists, tycoon Onassis and many others.

Beautiful Edipsos retains a nostalgic character for the old times, with many preserved and neoclassical buildings, plenty of coolness from plane trees and seaside, traditional cafes and taverns. Clearly, the beautiful spa town continues the tradition of centuries on the field of healing thermal therapies, yet now modernized in establishments and facilities.

Edipsos is a tourist destination able to meet every travel need. Apart from its thermal springs and baths, you will be enchanted by the incomparable beauty of nature and the air of another era.


Thermal springs – A real life elixir

Edipsos Spa Loutra Edipsou

Edipsos Spa Loutra Edipsou

Mythology states that the water gushed when Hephaestus struck the earth with his hammer, after the goddess Athena asked him as grace, since she wanted hot baths to keep Hercules always healthy and strong. Thus, Hercules bathed in the hot springs before each of his feats.

Thermal springs have been known for at least 20,000 years, as the archaeological finds have shown. They are scattered in various parts of the city, from where the healing water is channeled to all the hydrotherapy centers of the city. The thermal baths consist of 80 springs in total, with temperatures of 28οC-86οC and high content of trace elements of magnesium, calcium and ferrum. The combination of high temperature and special composition has a healing effect on the human body and many diseases, such as gynecological, arthritis, rheumatism, vascular diseases, neuralgia, disc diseases, etc. In addition to the thermal baths, there are also mud baths, which are realized in special clinics. The mud can be used topically or with a total body coating.

In Edipsos, but also in nearby areas, there are emerald beaches, where thermal springs end up, too. Others gush from the bottom of the sea, significantly increasing the temperature of the sea water. Thus, bathers can combine swimming kinesiotherapy with the healing properties of the thermal waters.

The Tower of Edipsos

Edipsos’ Tower or Frangoula was a 14th century frankish tower, believed to have been the residence of Baroness Petronella Toko, a famous lady of Edipsos and Lichada. It is located near the church of Agia Paraskevi, on a hill and consists of limestone. Today, only a small part of it and its ruins still survive.

The Archaeological Museum of Edipsos

Edipsos’ Archaeological Museum is housed in the same area as the public thermal baths. It is a small museum, but its works are of great value, with a prominent roman statue of Hercules and a marble portraiture of the same demigod.

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